To start off the Mid-Autumn Festival, The Peninsula Beijing hosted an exclusive Mooncake Master Class for 19 media guests and children on Thursday 25 June, presented by The Peninsula Hotels’ Dim Sum Ambassador and Master Chef Yip Wing Wah. During the class, the participants learned the secrets of making the celebrated Peninsula mini egg custard mooncake, which was first created by Chef Yip during his 30 years work as dim sum chef at the Peninsula in Hong Kong using a closely guarded recipe and now copied around the world!

After enjoying Chef Yip’s Mooncake Master Class, the participants sample their own creations and other delicious mooncake flavours paired with Peninsula premium teas, prepared by Huang Ting’s tea master, at the Peninsula Suite. During teatime, the guests also took part in festive games such as guessing classic riddles and games in celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival tradition.